Concluding a working trip to the southern megapolis, Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Satybaldy Dauletalin met with the management and staff of the plant to produce soft drinks of JSC «VIZiT».

After visiting the plant, the Head of the FTURK got acquainted with the working conditions of the workers of the production shop, asked about the problems of the workers.

According to the chairman of the primary trade union organization Sherman Tolepov, today 163 people work at the plant, 143 of whom are members of the trade union.

“In order to ensure safe working conditions for employees, the company has a production council consisting of 6 people. Technical inspectors systematically check working conditions at workplaces,” Sherman Tolepov stressed.

The company has a socially oriented collective agreement that provides a number of benefits and guarantees for employees, including measures of material support for significant events, as well as for funeral events.

In addition, quarterly financial support is provided to pensioners of the enterprise.

General Director Velikim Zlavdinov, in turn, added that the salary of employees depends on sales volumes and varies between 200-400 thousand tenge.

The salary increases, according to him, was made last year – by 30%, this year it has been increased in the range of 20-40%.

According to the employer, another measure of material support is an interest-free loan of up to 500 thousand tenge, issued to employees as needed.

The Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions highly appreciated the level of social partnership at the enterprise and the terms of the collective agreement, which considers many aspects of the well-being of employees.

According to him, respect for a Person at work, as well as trust between an employee and an employer, is the main factor in the development of production.

“It is gratifying that the work of the trade union together with the employer is aimed at improving the quality of work and life of a Working Person. The company has adopted and operates a good collective agreement. This is an important indicator of the employer’s high social responsibility. The trade union is the main ally of the employer, and our joint task is to improve the well–being of people together,” stressed Satybaldy Dauletalin.

Satybaldy Dauletalin elaborated on the initiatives of the Federation of Trade Unions concerning the increase in the minimum wage, revision of the methodology for calculating the minimum wage, wage indexation, revision of the procedure for assigning temporary disability benefits, elimination of the wage gap, etc.

In general, on behalf of the company’s employees, Velikiy Zlavdinov voiced words of gratitude to the leadership of the Federation of Trade Unions for promoting socially significant initiatives in the interests of ordinary workers.


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