Meeting on distribution of educational grants was held

Today on the site of Federation of Trade Unions of RK with participation of Department of Agency of RK on Civil Service Affairs and anti-corruption in Astana city the meeting on distribution of educational grants in universities and colleges of the capital was held.

Vic-president of the Federation of Trade Unions of RK Yerlan Sairov in his welcoming speech noted the need to ensure transparency and fairness in the grant distribution procedures as this directly affects the quality of training well-qualified and competitive specialists in the labour market.

In turn, the head of the department, Zhazira Zhylkyshieva, pointed out that the great responsibility lies in the implementation of the project “Free professionally technical education for everybody” which is aimed at giving possibilities to all Kazakhstani people living or being in distant locations to gain access to the best knowledge and competencies.

“The annual increase of funds allocated for education increases the urgency of the issue of transparency and objectivity of their distribution. One of the effective mechanisms to prevent corruption in this area is the strengthening of public control, “said Zhylkyshieva.

Within the framework of the Project “Map of public control” in order to ensure openness and transparency as well as to save the State budget in the field of education, the Agency of Civil Service Affairs and anti-corruption together with the Ministry of Education and Science gave the citizens the opportunity to participate in the work of the competition commissions for the award of educational grants and State educational order when entering universities and colleges of the country.

Since August 1 of this year, the monitoring of the award of State grants is launched with active participation of members of special monitoring groups of the agency. The SMG includes experts from various fields: representatives of civil society, entrepreneurship, scientific and academic communities, the media and bloggers. Strengthening public control has become one of the effective mechanisms for corruption prevention in this sphere.

During the period of monitoring in the colleges of Astana city, members of the Special Monitoring Group of the agency’s Department for Astana city noticed a sufficient preparedness degree of educational institutions and the level of informational support for providing grants.

The leadership of the capital’s colleges supports the agency’s initiative.

We remind that educational grants of technical and professional education for 2018-2019 academic years Akimat of Astana city in 12 state colleges provides 2518 grants. There are:

* “Construction and Technical College” – 162

* “College of Catering and service” – 125

* “Technological College” – 125

* “Technical College” – 125

* “College of Energy and Communications” – 150

* “Vocational and Technical College” – 165

* “Multidisciplinary-Technical College”-165

* “Polytechnic College” – 300

* “Humanitarian College” – 425

* “College of Transport and Communications” – 325

* “College of Economics, Technology and standardization of food production” — 200

* “Higher Medical College” – 266

925 grants have been allocated to 11 private colleges:

* “College of Management” LLP – 100

* “Trade and economic College of Kazpotrebsoyuz, Astana city” – 50

* “Turan-profi College of Municipal Economy” – 100

* College of JSC “Kazakh University of Technology and business” – 100

* LLP “College of Management and business of Astana City” – 150

* “Akmola College JSC “M. Tynyshpayev Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communication ” – 50

* “EAHI College” – 75

* “Humanity Law College of KazGUU” – 200

* “Industrial Engineering and Economic College” – 25

* “Medical and Technical College” – 75