The man of labor is the main support of the state

Due to ignorance of their rights, employees can be subjected to pressure from the employer, they cannot always improve their professional and intellectual level, participate in the social life of the team. Practice shows that often the employee cannot always reach out to individual government officials and employers.

In this case, the Trade Union Center of Astana, as the coordinating body of the trade union organizations of the capital, helped to protect the rights of workers.

As part of the anti-corruption strategy for 2015-2025, the project office “Astana- Adaldyk Alany”, the goal of which is to eradicate corruption in all state organizations, creating comfortable conditions for the services of recipients, said Tastanbek, Chairman of the Trade Union Center of Astana City Yesentaev at a meeting of the Ethics Council of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption. According to him, however, despite the measures taken, in some areas there is corruption, which causes damage to the economy, hinders the solution of social issues of citizens.

This year, a complaint was received from the nurse of the city polyclinic № 9 about “persecution” in the work of the head of department and the head doctor. The essence of the complaint is that it combines the reception at the pediatric surgeon and traumatologist-orthopedist, the posts of the nurse of the dressing, purulent-dressing nurse and the execution of the nurse’s instructions for working with the plaster material are additionally loaded. However, in accordance with the labor laws it is not subject to charge, and a request for additional payment at -o subjected to harassment by the management. Simply put, she worked instead of five workers and received only one and a half rates. Thanks to the joint actions of the employees of the Trade Center of the Capital and the City Department of Public Health, today all the necessary measures have been taken to eliminate these violations and compensation has been established for the nurse for the recycled hours.

Also, city structures of sectoral trade unions carry out purposeful work to protect labor, socio-economic rights and interests of union members. According to the chairman of the Trade Union Center of Astana, Tastanbek Esentaeva : “The facts of wage arrears took place“ Astana Kalalyk ”LLP zharyk “, LLP “the GLB” and LLP “Shar – Kurylys “. After negotiations with the management of the Company, the situation was resolved. Today, when controversial issues arise, the company’s management is trying to resolve the dispute through mutual negotiations and pay off wage arrears to employees by the end of the year”.

The staff of Children’s Musical School No. 3 addressed the Trade Union Center of Astana. Teachers are concerned about the status of teachers of additional education. From 2016, the category of teachers is additional

Education changed from B2 to B3, which in turn had a negative impact on the level of wages. In simple words, they were leveled to the Pioneer leaders despite the fact that each of them has a higher education. And also reduced wages and vacation days. Because of this, they do not belong to the category of civil servants and cannot stand in the preferential queue for housing. Whereas even a driver working in an educational school is civil pesron. And there are no teachers of organizations. According to the director of the school, there are 3 music schools in the capital, where about 500 teachers work. More than half of teachers due to low wages are forced to work part-time in other schools.

The Trade Union Center accepted the appeal of school workers and will consider the matter at a meeting of the city commission on social partnership for a positive decision.