An arbitration commission is working in Zhanaozen to resolve the situation at the oilfield service enterprise “Kezbi ” LLP.

The commission, chaired by Akim of the Mangystau region Serikbay Trumov together with representatives of employees and the employer, the State Labor Inspection Department, and Akim of Zhanaozen.

Chairman of the Branch Trade Union “Yntymaq” Kayrakbay Zhanabekov and Chairman of the Trade Union Center of the Mangystau region Shadrach Yermekbayuly were representatives on the part of the Federation of Trade Unions.

It is reported that on June 30, several hundred employees of the oilfield service enterprise “Kezbi” LLP went on strike.

The main requirements of oil workers are an increase in wages, a revision of the tariff schedule, bringing equipment into compliance with standards, as well as payment of salary for work on holidays, the thirteenth salary and compensation for damage to health.

Earlier, the Federation of Trade Unions drew the attention of social partners to problematic issues at “Kezbi” LLP.

So, after the Trade Union interference in February this year, 25 employees of the oilfield service company were restored to their jobs.

According to Kayrakbay Zhanabekov, all agreements reached during negotiations with social partners to improve the working conditions of employees of “Kezbi” LLP will be fixed in the Minutes of the meetings.

The Federation of Trade Unions will initiate consideration of systematic measures to stabilize the situation at the enterprise
within the framework of the meeting of the Regional Tripartite Commission on Social Partnership and Regulation of Social and Labor Relations.

Media Center of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan