The final event within the framework of the working trip of the Chairman of the FTURK Satybalda Dauletalin to the North Kazakhstan region was a meeting of the Coordinating Council of the Trade Union Center of the region.

The Coordinating Council consists of the chairmen of 6 branches of branch trade unions, 8 local, 13 district and 6 primary trade union organizations. There are 1,257 primary trade union organizations in the region, uniting 65,089 trade union members.

Addressing his colleagues, the Chairman of the FTURK Satybaldy Dauletalin emphasized the participation of the trade union community in the implementation of the tasks set by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in the Address to the People of Kazakhstan.

According to Satybalda Dauletalin, all the socio-economic initiatives announced by the Head of State are a response to the requests of trade union members.

“The gradual increase in the minimum wage, the creation of safe working conditions, the proper attitude to work and the person of work – the priorities in our activities have not been ignored by the Head of State. The President instructed the Government to develop and adopt a methodology for forming the minimum wage. The trade unions have been raising this issue for several years – they heard us and supported us,” the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions stressed.

He also noted that for the successful implementation of the course taken by the state to build a Fair Kazakhstan, further consolidation of the trade union community is necessary.

As an example of such consolidation, the Chairman of the FTURK called the “People’s Budget” project, launched last year. Its purpose is to support initiatives coming from primary trade union organizations.

Primary trade union organizations send their projects to the competition commission of the “People’s Budget”, and after selection, the most relevant initiatives are determined, the implementation of which will be supported by the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This year, according to the results of the competition, the primary trade union organization of the Vocational Center of the North Kazakhstan Region is among the winners. To implement the idea of organizing seminars for employers, the winner of the “People’s Budget” project received 1 million tenge from the FTURK. As noted by Satybaldy Dauletalin, any initiative that allows to implement innovations in the field of protecting the rights and promoting the interests of trade union members in the field will be supported by the Federation of Trade Unions.

“Support of primary trade union organizations through the People’s Budget project is another feedback channel of the Federation with primary trade unions. Interest in the “People’s Budget” is growing. If last year we had one winner, this year we have three at once. Industry trade unions propose to increase the prize fund in order to support even more participants next year. And this is commendable. Unity in the actions of all member organizations of the Federation is the basis for promoting trade union initiatives to create favorable conditions, ensure decent wages for millions of employees of Kazakhstani enterprises,” the Chairman of the FTURK said at the end of the Coordination Council meeting.

Media Center of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan